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WA/Y:HI81Y )AX:AR"Y03 MO74WT Y:HOW$U80(A WA75/Y.I$:):ALW.03 B.:N"74Y YI&:RF)"80L B.A/YHWF73H L"/)MO92R? MI74Y YA(:ALEH-L./F94NW. )EL-HA75/K.:NA(:ANI91Y B.A/T.:XIL.F73H L:/HIL.F71XEM B./O75W00 Judg 1:1 Now after the death of Joshua it came to pass, that the children of Israel asked the LORD, saying, Who shall go up for us against the Canaanites first, to fight against them?
WA/Y.O74)MER Y:HW.DF74H? YA(:ALE92H Y:HWF73H Y:HW.DF74H? HIN."91H NFTA71T.IY YA(:ALE92H HIN."91H )ET-NFTA71T.IY HF/)F73REC B.:/YFD/O75W00 )ET-HF/)F73REC B.:/YFD/O75W00 Judg 1:2 And the LORD said, Judah shall go up: behold, I have delivered the land into his hand.
WA/Y.O74)MER Y:HW.DFH04 L:/$IM:(O63WN )FXI61Y/W? (:AL"94H )IT./I74Y B:/GOWRFL/I81Y W:/NI75L.FX:AMFH03 B.A75/K.:NA(:ANI80Y W:/HFLAK:T.I94Y GAM-):ANI91Y )IT./:KF73 B.:/GOWRFL/E92KF? WA/Y."71LEK: )IT./O73W $IM:(O75WN00 Judg 1:3 And Judah said unto Simeon his brother, Come up with me into my lot, that we may fight against the Canaanites; and I likewise will go with thee into thy lot. So Simeon went with him.
WA/Y.A74(AL Y:HW.DF80H WA/Y.IT."94N Y:HWF91H )ET-HA/K.:NA(:ANI71Y W:/HA/P.:RIZ.I73Y? B.:/YFD/F92M WA/Y.AK.74W./M B.:/BE80ZEQ (:A&E71RET ):ALFPI73YM )I75Y$00 Judg 1:4 And Judah went up; and the LORD delivered the Canaanites and the Perizzites into their hand: and they slew of them in Bezek ten thousand men.
14WA75/Y.IM:C:)W. )ET-):ADON/I71Y BE33ZEQ03? B.:/BE80ZEQ WA/Y.I75L.FX:AM73W. B./O92W WA/Y.AK.85W. )ET-HA75/K.:NA(:ANI73Y W:/)ET-HA/P.:RIZ.I75Y00 Judg 1:5 And they found Adonibezek in Bezek: and they fought against him, and they slew the Canaanites and the Perizzites.
WA/Y.F33NFS03 ):ADO74N/IY BE80ZEQ? WA75/Y.IR:D.:P73W. )AX:ARF92Y/W WA/Y.O)X:AZ74W. )OT/O80W WA75/Y:QAC.:C80W. )ET-B.:HONO71WT YFDF73Y/W W:/RAG:LF75Y/W00 Judg 1:6 But Adonibezek fled; and they pursued after him, and caught him, and cut off his thumbs and his great toes.
WA/Y.O74)MER? ):ADO75N/IY-BE81ZEQ $IB:(I74YM05 M:LFKI83YM B.:75HONOWT04 Y:D"Y/HE63M W:/RAG:L"Y/HE61M M:QUC.FCI81YM HFY70W.? M:LAQ.:+IYM03 T.A74XAT $UL:XFN/I80Y K.A/):A$E74R (F&I80YTIY K."71N $IL.AM-L/I73Y ):ELOHI92YM WA/Y:BIY)U71/HW.? Y:RW.$FLA73IM WA/Y.F71MFT $F75M00 Judg 1:7 And Adonibezek said, Threescore and ten kings, having their thumbs and their great toes cut off, gathered their meat under my table: as I have done, so God hath requited me. And they brought him to Jerusalem, and there he died.
WA/Y.IL.FX:AM70W. B:N"75Y-Y:HW.DFH03 B.I/YR74W.$FLA80IM WA/Y.IL:K.:D74W.? )OWT/F80H. WA/Y.AK.73W./HF L:/PIY-XF92REB W:/)ET-HF/(I73YR $IL.:X71W. BF/)"75$00 Judg 1:8 Now the children of Judah had fought against Jerusalem, and had taken it, and smitten it with the edge of the sword, and set the city on fire.
W:/)AXA81R YF75R:DW.03 B.:N"74Y? Y:HW.DF80H L:/HIL.FX"73M B.A75/K.:NA(:ANI92Y YOW$"74B HF/HF80R W:/HA/N.E73GEB W:/HA/$.:P"LF75H00 Judg 1:9 And afterward the children of Judah went down to fight against the Canaanites, that dwelt in the mountain, and in the south, and in the valley.
WA/Y."74LEK: Y:HW.DF81H? )EL-HA75/K.:NA(:ANIY03 HA/Y.OW$"74B B.:/XEB:RO80WN W:/$"M-XEB:RO71WN L:/PFNI73YM QIR:YA74T )AR:B.A92(? WA/Y.AK.91W. )ET-$"$A71Y W:/)ET-):AXIYMA73N W:/)ET-T.AL:MF75Y00 Judg 1:10 And Judah went against the Canaanites that dwelt in Hebron: (now the name of Hebron before was Kirjatharba:) and they slew Sheshai, and Ahiman, and Talmai.
WA/Y."74LEK: MI/$.F80M )EL-YOW$:B"73Y? D.:BI92YR W:/$"M-D.:BI71YR L:/PFNI73YM QIR:YAT-S"75PER00 Judg 1:11 And from thence he went against the inhabitants of Debir: and the name of Debir before was Kirjathsepher:
WA/Y.O74)MER K.FL"80B ):A$ER-YAK.E71H? )ET-QIR:YAT-S"73PER W./L:KFD/F92H. W:/NFTA71T.IY L/O91W )ET-(AK:SF71H BIT./I73Y L:/)I$.F75H00? Judg 1:12 And Caleb said, He that smiteth Kirjathsepher, and taketh it, to him will I give Achsah my daughter to wife.
WA75/Y.IL:K.:D/FH.03 (FT:NIY)"74L B.EN-Q:NA80Z ):AXI71Y KFL"73B HA/Q.F+O74N MI/M./E92N.W. WA/Y.IT.EN-L/O91W )ET-?(AK:SF71H BIT./O73W L:/)I$.F75H00 Judg 1:13 And Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb's younger brother, took it: and he gave him Achsah his daughter to wife.
WA/Y:HI74Y B.:/BOW)/F81H. WA/T.:SIYT/"33HW.03 LI/$:)O70WL M"75/)"T-)FBI33Y/HF03? HA/&.FDE80H WA/T.IC:NA73X M"/(A74L HA/X:AMO92WR WA/Y.O75)MER-L/F71H. K.FL"73B MAH-L./F75K:00 Judg 1:14 And it came to pass, when she came to him, that she moved him to ask of her father a field: and she lighted from off her ass; and Caleb said unto her, What wilt thou?
WA/T.O63)MER? L/O61W HF75BFH-L./I74Y B:RFKF81H K.I74Y )E70REC HA/N.E33GEB03 N:TAT./F80NIY W:/NFTAT.F71H L/I73Y G.UL.O74T MF92YIM WA/Y.IT.EN-?L/F74H. K.FL"81B 10)"T G.UL.O74T (IL.I80YT W:/)"73T G.UL.O71T T.AX:T.I75YT00 Judg 1:15 And she said unto him, Give me a blessing: for thou hast given me a south land; give me also springs of water. And Caleb gave her the upper springs and the nether springs.
W./B:N"74Y Q"YNIY04? XOT"63N MO$E61H (FL63W. M"/(I70YR HA/T.:MFRIYM03 )ET-B.:N"74Y Y:HW.DF80H MID:B.A74R Y:HW.DF80H ):A$E73R? B.:/NE74GEB (:ARF92D WA/Y."73LEK: WA/Y."71$EB )ET-HF/(F75M00 Judg 1:16 And the children of the Kenite, Moses' father in law, went up out of the city of palm trees with the children of Judah into the wilderness of Judah, which lieth in the south of Arad; and they went and dwelt among the people.
WA/Y."70LEK: Y:HW.DFH03 )ET-$IM:(O74WN? )FXI80Y/W WA/Y.AK.85W. )ET-HA75/K.:NA(:ANI73Y YOW$"74B C:PA92T WA/Y.AX:ARI74YMW. )OWT/F80H. WA/Y.IQ:RF71) )ET-$"M-?HF/(I73YR XFR:MF75H00 Judg 1:17 And Judah went with Simeon his brother, and they slew the Canaanites that inhabited Zephath, and utterly destroyed it. And the name of the city was called Hormah.
WA/Y.IL:K.O70D Y:HW.DFH03 )ET-(AZ.F74H W:/)ET-G.:BW.L/F80H. W:/)E75T-)A$:Q:LO73WN? W:/)ET-G.:BW.L/F92H. W:/)ET-(EQ:RO73WN W:/)ET-G.:BW.L/F75H.00 Judg 1:18 Also Judah took Gaza with the coast thereof, and Askelon with the coast thereof, and Ekron with the coast thereof.
WA/Y:HI70Y Y:HWFH03 )ET-Y:HW.DF80H WA/Y.O73RE$? )ET-HF/HF92R K.I74Y LO70) L:/HOWRIY$03 )ET-YO$:B"74Y HF/("80MEQ K.IY-RE71KEB B.AR:ZE73L L/FHE75M00? Judg 1:19 And the LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.
WA/Y.IT.:N70W. L:/KFL"B03 )ET-XEB:RO80WN K.A95/):A$E73R D.IB.E74R MO$E92H WA/Y.O74WRE$ MI/$.F80M )ET-?$:LO$F73H B.:N"71Y HF/(:ANF75Q00 Judg 1:20 And they gave Hebron unto Caleb, as Moses said: and he expelled thence the three sons of Anak.
W:/)ET-HA/Y:BW.SIY03 YO$"74B Y:R75W.$FLA80IM LO71) HOWRI73Y$W. B.:N"74Y? BIN:YFMI92N WA/Y."63$EB HA/Y:BW.SI61Y )ET-B.:N"70Y BIN:YFMIN03 B.I/YR74W.$FLA80IM (A73D HA/Y.O71WM HA/Z.E75H00 Judg 1:21 And the children of Benjamin did not drive out the Jebusites that inhabited Jerusalem; but the Jebusites dwell with the children of Benjamin in Jerusalem unto this day.
WA/Y.A(:AL94W. B"YT-YOWS"91P G.AM-H"73M B."75YT-)"92L WA75/YHWF73H (IM./F75M00 Judg 1:22 And the house of Joseph, they also went up against Bethel: and the LORD was with them.
WA/Y.FTI71YRW. B"YT-?YOWS"73P B.:/B"75YT-)"92L W:/$"M-HF/(I71YR L:/PFNI73YM L75W.Z00 Judg 1:23 And the house of Joseph sent to descry Bethel. (Now the name of the city before was Luz.)
WA/Y.IR:)W.03 HA/$.O74M:RI80YM )I73Y$ YOWC"74)? MIN-HF/(I92YR WA/Y.O74)M:RW. L/O81W HAR:)/"70NW. NF)03 )ET-M:BO74W) HF/(I80YR W:/(F&I71Y/NW. (IM./:KF73 XF75SED00? Judg 1:24 And the spies saw a man come forth out of the city, and they said unto him, Shew us, we pray thee, the entrance into the city, and we will shew thee mercy.
WA/Y.AR:)/"M03 )ET-M:BO74W) HF/(I80YR WA/Y.AK.71W. )ET-HF/(I73YR L:/PIY-XF92REB W:/)ET-HF/)I71Y$? W:/)ET-K.FL-MI$:P.AX:T./O73W $IL."75XW.00 Judg 1:25 And when he shewed them the entrance into the city, they smote the city with the edge of the sword; but they let go the man and all his family.
WA/Y."74LEK: HF/)I80Y$ )E73REC HA/XIT.I92YM WA/Y.I74BEN (I81YR? WA/Y.IQ:RF70) $:M/FH.03 L80W.Z H74W.) $:M/F80H. (A73D HA/Y.O71WM HA/Z.E75H00 Judg 1:26 And the man went into the land of the Hittites, and built a city, and called the name thereof Luz: which is the name thereof unto this day.
W:/LO)-W:/LO)-HOWRI74Y$? HOWRI74Y$? M:NA$.E81H M:NA$.E81H )ET-)ET-B."YT-B."YT-$:)F74N $:)F74N W:/)ET-W:/)ET-B.:NOWTEY/HF02 B.:NOWTEY/HF02 W:/)ET-W:/)ET-T.A(:NA74K: T.A(:NA74K: W:/)ET-W:/)ET-B.:NOTEY/HF01 B.:NOTEY/HF01 **YO$:B"63Y W:/)ET-?**YO$:B"63Y DO61WR DO61WR W:/)ET-B.:NOWTE81Y/HF W:/)ET-W:/)ET-B.:NOWTE81Y/HF W:/)ET-YOW$:B"70Y YOW$:B"70Y YIB:L:(FM03 YIB:L:(FM03 W:/)ET-W:/)ET-B.:NOTE80Y/HF B.:NOTE80Y/HF W:/)ET-W:/)ET-YOW$:B"71Y? YOW$:B"71Y? M:GID.O73W M:GID.O73W W:/)ET-W:/)ET-B.:NOWTE92Y/HF B.:NOWTE92Y/HF WA/Y.O33W)EL03 WA/Y.O33W)EL03 HA75/K.:NA(:ANI80Y HA75/K.:NA(:ANI80Y LF/$E73BET LF/$E73BET B.F/)F71REC HA/Z.O75)T00 B.F/)F71REC HA/Z.O75)T00 Judg 1:27 Neither did Manasseh drive out the inhabitants of Bethshean and her towns, nor Taanach and her towns, nor the inhabitants of Dor and her towns, nor the inhabitants of Ibleam and her towns, nor the inhabitants of Megiddo and her towns: but the Canaanites would dwell in that land.
WA95/Y:HIY03 K.I75Y-?XFZA74Q YI&:RF)"80L WA/Y.F71&EM )ET-HA75/K.:NA(:ANI73Y LF/MA92S W:/HOWR"73Y$ LO71) HOWRIY$/O75W00 Judg 1:28 And it came to pass, when Israel was strong, that they put the Canaanites to tribute, and did not utterly drive them out.
W:/)EP:RA33YIM03 LO74) HOWRI80Y$ )ET-HA75/K.:NA(:ANI73Y HA/Y.OW$"74B B.:/GF92ZER WA/Y."94$EB HA75/K.:NA(:ANI91Y B.:/QIR:B./O73W? B.:/GF75ZER00 Judg 1:29 Neither did Ephraim drive out the Canaanites that dwelt in Gezer; but the Canaanites dwelt in Gezer among them.
Z:BW.LU81N LO70) HOWRIY$03 )ET-YOW$:B"74Y QI+:RO80WN W:/)ET-YOW$:B"73Y? NAH:ALO92L WA/Y."70$EB HA75/K.:NA(:ANIY03 B.:/QIR:B./O80W WA/Y.I75H:Y73W. LF/MA75S00 Judg 1:30 Neither did Zebulun drive out the inhabitants of Kitron, nor the inhabitants of Nahalol; but the Canaanites dwelt among them, and became tributaries.
)F$"81R LO70) HOWRIY$03? )ET-YO$:B"74Y (AK.O80W W:/)ET-YOW$:B"73Y CIYDO92WN W:/)ET-)AX:LF70B W:/)ET-)AK:ZIYB03 W:/)ET-?XEL:B.F80H W:/)ET-):API73YQ W:/)ET-R:XO75B00 Judg 1:31 Neither did Asher drive out the inhabitants of Accho, nor the inhabitants of Zidon, nor of Ahlab, nor of Achzib, nor of Helbah, nor of Aphik, nor of Rehob:
WA/Y."33$EB03 HF/)F74$"RI80Y B.:/QE71REB HA75/K.:NA(:ANI73Y? YO$:B"74Y HF/)F92REC K.I73Y LO71) HOWRIY$/O75W00 Judg 1:32 But the Asherites dwelt among the Canaanites, the inhabitants of the land: for they did not drive them out.
NAP:T.FLI81Y LO75)-HOWRI62Y$ )ET-?YO$:B"70Y B"75YT-$E33ME$03 W:/)ET-YO$:B"74Y B"YT-(:ANF80T WA/Y."85$EB B.:/QE71REB HA75/K.:NA(:ANI73Y YO$:B"74Y? HF/)F92REC W:/YO$:B"70Y B"75YT-$E33ME$03 W./B"74YT (:ANF80T HFY71W. L/FHE73M LF/MA75S00 Judg 1:33 Neither did Naphtali drive out the inhabitants of Bethshemesh, nor the inhabitants of Bethanath; but he dwelt among the Canaanites, the inhabitants of the land: nevertheless the inhabitants of Bethshemesh and of Bethanath became tributaries unto them.
WA/Y.IL:X:AC94W.? HF/):EMORI91Y )ET-B.:N"Y-DF73N HF/HF92R/FH K.IY-LO71) N:TFN/O73W LF/RE71DET LF/("75MEQ00 Judg 1:34 And the Amorites forced the children of Dan into the mountain: for they would not suffer them to come down to the valley:
WA/Y.O70W)EL? HF75/):EMORIY03 LF/$E74BET B.:/HAR-XE80RES B.:/)AY.FLO73WN W./B:/$A75(AL:BI92YM WA/T.IK:B.AD03 YA74D B."YT-?YOWS"80P WA/Y.IH:Y73W. LF/MA75S00 Judg 1:35 But the Amorites would dwell in mount Heres in Aijalon, and in Shaalbim: yet the hand of the house of Joseph prevailed, so that they became tributaries.
W./G:BW.L03 HF/):EMORI80Y MI75/M.A(:AL"73H (AQ:RAB.I92YM M"/HA/S.E73LA(? WF/MF75(:L/FH00 Judg 1:36 And the coast of the Amorites was from the going up to Akrabbim, from the rock, and upward.
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