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Start building the consonantic pattern you want to search against. For that purpose, use the "Consonants" keypad. Search results (obtained through "Match Against Pattern" menu) will provide you with vocalic and accentual sub-patterns based on the actual forms found in the hebrew text, so you can precise your query. As an alternative, you can also directly build a full, consonantic and vocalic, pattern, using our Full Pattern matcher.

Reset Pattern

Use "Reset Pattern" for erasing current pattern and defining a new one from scratch ("Reset All") or just erasing last entered sign and continuing defining current pattern ("Reset Last"). You can use this facility either while building your pattern or after having matched against it.

Match Against Pattern

Select one of the actions proposed under "Match Against Pattern" menu when you deem your pattern is complete. Two action modes are currently available, one for retrieving all forms that exactly match your pattern ("All Forms Equal To Pattern"), and another one for retrieving all forms that begin with your pattern ("All Forms Beginning With Pattern").

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