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Michigan-Claremont Right-Hand Brackets
]1 - Agreed with BHS and L

BHS has been faithful to the Leningrad Codex where there might be a question of the validity of the form and MCW keeps the same form as BHS

]2 - Added Sop pasuq

MCW has added a sop pasuq where L and BHS omit it

]3 - Read L differently than BHS

MCW reads or understands L differently than BHS (1983 Edition). Often this notation indicates a typographical error in BHS

]4 - Puncta Extraordaria

Puncta Extraordaria. A 52 is used to mark such marks in the text when they are above the line and 53 when they are below the line

]5 - Large letter

Large letter(s)

]6 - Small letter

Small letter(s)

]7 - Suspended letter

Suspended letter(s)

]8 - Inverted Nun

Inverted Nun (N]8 in the text)

]9 - Agreed with BHS against L

BHS has abandoned L and MCW concurs. All of these occurrences are ketib/qere problems

]a - Adapted Qere

Adaptations to a Qere which L and BHS, by their design, do not indicate

]m - Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous notes to the text and occasions where more than one bracket category applies

]q - Agreed with L against BHS

MCW has abandoned or added a ketib/qere relative to BHS. In doing this MCW agrees with L against BHS

]y - Yathir reading

Yathir readings in L which MCW has designated as Qeres when both Dothan and BHS list a Qere

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